Hate to Say I Told You So

This song started as just a fun, smooth jazz number,and guess what, it IS!

When we were working on Player A “Our Own Devices”, much of the thought was, how can we have fun, but make a serious artistic statement as players? So we came up with very artful tunes like the title song “Our Own Devices”, the lead off tune “Sleekness”, and other stuff. But this song just came about as a fun song. Something for the “smooth jazz” set if you will, but will a little more energy than that.


There’s no big story, just slick fun playing by guys who love their instruments.

I told a few folks that Player A would fit into the contemporary jazz marketplace, and our first single, “Coming On” slipped into the Billboard Smooth Jazz Top 25 a time or two. So, guess what, we were right.

Hate to say I told you so…



Eric Copeland is the composer and keyboardist of Player A, a loose assembly of some of the top session talent in Nashville. Find us also on Twitter and Facebook.

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