Our Own Devices

Player A celebrates the magic world of the process of recording, with “Our Own Devices”.

From the blistering opening tune, “Sleekness”, which features smooth sax man Marcus Anderson, you know this is something special. Next up, Player A gives you a unique and funky version of the Bee Gee’s hit “Staying Alive”. Then we slow down the groove and treat you to a laid back beat, and some smooth piano and guitar with “The Deepest Love”.

Next up is the first national smooth jazz single from Player A, “Coming On”. This is led by Nashville veteran sax man Sam Levine. World class jazz fusion guitarist Tom Hemby takes over the title song “Our Own Devices”, which has a deep Joe Sample vibe. Then bassist Gary Lunn slaps and funks up “Steppin”, a toe tapping c-jazz classic jam with a monster bass solo section.

All the players contribute to “One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward”, a David Benoit like piece that is grand in scope, and also recalls Dave Grusin. Then we go coastal for the Caribbean inspired “Talk About It”, featuring the guitar of Mark Baldwin. And the groove heats up again with “(Hate to Say) I Told You So”, with a sure fire smooth jazz beat, and some funky guitars and keys.

OurOwnDevices_CoverThink you remember the 70’s song “Windy”? Listening to Player A’s version, you may not be sure. It starts out Nintendo, then goes calliope, and ends up as a fusion-inspired wild ride. The uptempo “Chiller” is next with Player A driving right down the smooth jazz parkway, with strong solos and leads by all members, including a blistering solo by bassist Gary Lunn. Then Lunn and producer/keyboardist end the album with the soothing bass/electric piano duet of “A Fitting End”.

“This is really a piece of art,” says producer and keyboardist Eric Copeland. “The songs have such a scope to them, the players have really put forth some amazing performances, and we think contemporary jazz fans are just going to love it.”

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Listen now at Spotify to the whole album!

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